Friday, March 27, 2015
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Wondrous Wings: Butterfly Exhibition Experience


Outhouse's Butterfly Exhibition Experience is a screened enclosure, fully equipped with butterflies, garden pathways, and everything your institution needs to provide an up close and personal experience with live butterflies (and moths).      Click Here for More Information


Proven attendance drivers, they bring a living piece of the natural world to your visitors for an unforgettable educational exhibition experience. Our package includes everything your institution needs, from guidance through the USDA paperwork, to developing a butterfly and plant species list specific to your location, to the structure, bedding plants and an initial stocking of butterflies. We'll be there for you throughout the entire run of your exhibition, and come back at the end to take it all down again. dadandbel

The Butterfly Exhibition Experience package can function indoors or outdoors, and also comes with a set of colorful banners detailing a butterfly's life cycle, the butterfly/plant connection, and important conservation issues. If you have something more specific in mind, we also offer consultation packages and designs from the ground up, to create a one-of-a-kind exhibition. Please contact us for more information about our Butterfly Exhibition Experience.

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 Fun and learning come together in this innovative and delightful traveling exhibition, now available!

kid overview

 FORE! The Planet is a highly interactive and playful exhibition that pairs important environmental issues with the fun of miniature golf! Explore a tropical rainforest, navigate a polluted waterway, and learn how to make a wildlife refuge in your own backyard, all while playing  a game of miniature golf. Serious fun for the whole family! Click Here for Full Description


Fore! The Planet's message is one of stewardship and conservation. Each of the 18 holes is themed with a different topic, and visitors are encouraged to learn about such diverse topics as evolution, dinosaur extinction, butterfly metamorphosis and a "hole" lot more! The more the visitor learns about the scientific topic the hole is based on, the better they will play.


hole 8

For example, in Hole 8, Predator and Prey, when players identify their golf ball as a housefly (prey), trying to get food from a picnic (where the hole is located), they realize they must avoid the mouth of the frog (predator) and the spider’s web (another predator). As they are learning about important facts and relationships in the natural world, they are also learning to avoid these hazards in order to play the game more efficiently. Their reward is to finish the hole with fewer strokes.




Originally developed by the Academy of Natural Sciences, Fore! The Planet is once again on the road. Limited bookings available!

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Are spiders heros of the animal world? Or villains? OR BOTH!?spidercity

An amazing exhibit is now available for your institution! Spider City, originally on display at the the Los Angeles Zoo, is now being offered as a traveling exhibit for those interested in bringing this unique, interactive and educational exhibit to their visitors.

The comic book-themed exhibit features more than 25 species of spiders from aeound the world. During its year-long run at the L.A. Zoo, more that 700,000 visitors walked through the exhibits' vibrant halls.

This exhibit was originally created as a collaboration between the staff at the Los Angeles Zoo and Outhouse Exhibit Services; OES will be managing the North American Tour.

Please click this link for complete information about this fascinating and unique exhibition!


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Is it true? Are they real?! Let Dr. Entomo be your guide as you explore the wonderful world of bugs in all their strange splendor. From glow-in-the-dark scorpions, cow-killing ants and the feared black widow, to the scary but harmless Giant Millipede and Chilean rose hair tarantula,  Dr. Entomo's Palace of Exotic Wonders fascinates visitors of all ages!


Displayed in a carnival atmosphere, this exhibit features living insects and arthropods and discusses their various life habits under the guise of a traditional circus sideshow.  "Glowing Terror" are revealed to be modest black scorpions;  the "Chemical Factory" describes the chemical defenses necessary for survival, and "Living Mummies" become the life stages of the Darkling beetle. What is at once startling and unfamiliar becomes fascinating and engaging as you explore the true nature of bugs.


Suitable for visitors of all ages, this exhibit is family-friendly in its design and content. Click HERE for a full description.

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Now is your chance to examine all the intricacies of the insect world....without a microscope!

A long-arm beetle more than ten feet tall, a giant butterfly with a five foot wingspan, and heavily-armored stag beetles with jaws as big as your leg await you in this fascinating look at the insect world.


BUGS: Outside the Box presents a selection of greatly enlarged insect sculptures, each showcasing the beauty hidden within the (mini)beasts of the natural world.
Intricate details not visible to the naked eye are showcased alongside educational topics, including an exciting look at museum collections and taxonomy, and an exploration of the power of magnification.


Outhouse Exhibit Services has teamed up with Italian sculptor and naturalist Lorenzo Possenti of Ecofauna to create this traveling exhibition, which is the premiere of his work in the United States. Lorenzo's exceptional and detailed works of art showcase the marriage of art and science. Check back to watch for developments of more exhibitions featuring the works of Ecofauna.

Click Here for more information

Click Here to watch The Bug Chicks talk about Lorenzo Possenti's work

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