Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Cardiovascular Department,University of Minnesota


The University of Minnesota is renowned for facilitating nationally and globally-recognized, ongoing heart-related research that has led and continues to lead to dramatic advances in cardiovascular treatments.


Our challenge was to create a meaningful exhibition experience that would be placed in a busy office environment, with a dual purpose: Highlight the important historical accomplishments of the past to inspire meaningful donations, while keeping a steadfast eye on the present and future of the University in an effort to attract new surgeons and researchers. We accomplished this through a series of panels that chronicle the development of the department of Cardiovascular Health at the University of Minnesota. This exhibition highlights the innovations, collaborations, and organizations that have supported heart health in the state of Minnesota and beyond.


Contract for Services:

  • Curatorial Duties Including the Research and Procurement of All Objects and Artifacts
  • Exhibit Casework Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Global Project Management Including Client Interface, Staff and Intern Oversight, Design Development and Fabrication, Installation

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