Friday, May 24, 2019
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Exhibit Planning & Development

  • Exhibit Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Development
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Project Management

Administrative Support

  • Public Relations & Marketing
  • Fundraising & Special Events
  • Educational Programming
  • Visitor Studies

Specialty Fabrication & Installation

  • Full Service Butterfly Gardens
  • Insect Exhibits
  • General Exhibitry Fabrication
Whether it's creating and managing an entire exhibit start to finish, or merely stepping in to assist with an existing project, Outhouse Exhibit Services works with institutions at literally any stage of the game.

Outhouse serves a diverse client base -- including zoos, museums, botanical gardens, history centers as well as Fortune 500 companies -- providing its clients with a full plate of services ranging from fine arts exhibits to butterfly gardens and insect exhibits.

Our core philosophy at Outhouse:
Keep costs at a minimum, and quality at a maximum.
To achieve this initiative, Outhouse maintains ultimate flexibility by keeping our core staff small, and drawing from the best talent in the industry to create a customized team for each project.

By utilizing consultants, subcontractors and fabricators with extensive knowledge and experience in their field, Outhouse Exhibit Services is able to provide unparalleled expertise on any given subject matter. From entomologists to art historians, Outhouse brings the best and brightest to your project.

In addition to our turn-key butterfly gardens, we also specialize in creating customized insect exhibits. Outhouse can produce any type of setting for displaying many different critters, from a rocky outcropping with the animals displayed in the cracks and crevasses, to a man-made structure with a surprise at every turn. When it comes to creating these signature 'bug' exhibits, our unique, self-contained design approach allows any type or size institution to have live animals on display. In addition, we factor in all USDA and other regulatory considerations, and deal directly with these organizations, providing you with a complete package.

Solid Project Management That Leaves You With Peace of Mind
You can rely on Outhouse project managers to lead the exhibit process from start to finish. Involving your staff as necessary, our managers facilitate the design and building process for you. They ensure open lines of communication, spearheading and organizing each milestone along the way. They ensure your project runs smoothly and falls within budgetary guidelines. And finally, our project managers excel at presenting you with a completed exhibit on time and ready for your grand opening.

Our project managers guarantee that Outhouse exhibits completely engage visitors in the experience. Outhouse employs project managers with extensive experience working with and for a variety of institutions. Their real-world knowledge combined with an insider's viewpoint assure a comrehensive approach to every project.
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